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The "Why" Behind the Site
OurTown SF is on a mission to uplift the queer community in San Francisco. As a trailblazer of LGBTQ+ culture, San Francisco has one of the most vibrant and extensive networks of queer organizations in the world. At OurTown, we strive to not only connect our community but also develop and maintain an encyclopedia of resources available to queer individuals livings in San Francisco.

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Calendar of San Francisco LGBTQ Nonprofit Fundraisers, 

Major Arts &  Athletic Events, Fairs & Annual Observances


During the Covid-19 pandemic the calendar below will also include 

              marches against discrimination & events to raise funds for those affected by the pandemic 

                                                                                                                                                                      685 Market St.  Inside of Lenscrafters  San Francisco, CA 94105  (415) 896-1824