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What is OurTownSF.org ? An all-volunteer organization (no salaries)

A search engine for residents and visitors, and a promotional tool for San Francisco LGBTQ nonprofit service providers, arts and athletic groups to recruit and connect with clients, donors and/or volunteers.

Organización de todos voluntarios (sin salario)

Guia de consulta de más de 300 organizaciones sin fines de lucro LGBTQ en San Francisco. Un buscador para residentes y visitantes y herramienta promocional para organizaciones privadas LGBTQ de servicios, artes y deportes para establecer contacto con clientes, patrocinadores y/o voluntarios.

A-Z and category search for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning individuals to match:
THOSE IN NEED OF VITAL SERVICES from service agencies
DONORS to well-deserving SF LGBTQ charities
VOLUNTEERS to groups and their upcoming events

PHOTOS by local LGBTQ photographers at local events 
CALENDAR of fundraisers, major artistic performances and shows, fairs & annual observances*
FOR INDIVIDUALS - a guide to community events & observances
FOR COMMUNITY LEADERS - a reference when deciding on a date for their upcoming events

* Check individual organizations' calendars for non-fundraising events and smaller artistic performances.

Origins: Nonprofit Window & OurTownSF.org

In 2001 Patrick Batt, a Castro merchant, recruited Walgreens on Castro St. at 18th to donate a window for SF LGBTQ nonprofits for the purpose of reserving this space in order to promote their mission, recruit volunteers & advertise upcoming events. In 2011 he turned over reservations to Paul Margolis. Since the Nonprofit Window faces busy Castro Street, there were long waitlists for a reservation. Due to this, Paul created OurTownSF.org in October 2013 to continuously promote groups that serve our community. Since that time, Paul now shares reservations for the Window with Gary Poe.  Information on OurTownSF.org is submitted by groups or copied from their website & Facebook pages. 

TV interviews of Paul Margolis - OurTownSf.org director and photographer 

Paul is a long-time resident of San Francisco with an extensive volunteer background.
His photos for this website are often published in The San Francisco Bay Times

see YouTube video from OurTownSF Live! Nonprofit Expo 11/19/16
&  thank Archive Productions for producing the video with a donation

Graphic Designer

Ken Henderson is the Executive Director/CEO
of The Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation
& he designs OurTownSF.org's advertising

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