Resource Guide to Nonprofit Service Providers,
Arts & Athletic Groups serving the San Francisco
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer
(LGBTQ) Community


Established in 2013 

Over 300 groups promoted
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  • Calendar of nonprofit fundraisers, major arts & athletic events, fairs & annual observances - on the homepage 
  • Photos at over 150 SF LGBTQ events annually - under the Photos tab
  • Printable version in English or Spanish - under the A-Z tab


Connect with your community at 
    the 3rd annual expo
"The largest SF LGBTQ nonprofit expo ever!"

Over 100 arts, community, fundraiser, legal, political, recovery, well-being & spiritual groups who serve our community

Free entrance, food & entertainment 

Hosted by OurTownSF,  Eureka Valley Recreation Center  & TurnOut

Sat. , October 20, 2018, 12:30 - 4:30pm
Eureka Valley Rec Ctr. - 100 Collingwood at 18th St.

Clinic at Trans Thrive- Launch Party

  Calendar of San Francisco LGBTQ Nonprofit Fundraisers,  

Major Arts &  Athletic Events, Fairs & Annual Observances


                Nonprofit Window at Walgreens on Castro at 18th St.

Groups on this site have enjoyed reservations to entertain passersby with displays promoting themselves           and their upcoming events since 2001 in the Nonprofit Window at Walgreens on Castro St at 18th.  
                                        For reservations contact



      Traveling to Los Angeles?

          Visit our sister site for LGBTQ resources


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